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'The Hell We Create' In The Flesh: Fit For A King in Los Angeles

The band bring their latest outing to heart-wrenching and explosive highs.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Text, Photographs by Ekaterina Gorbacheva (

Fit For A King's The Hell We Create Tour is making its rounds across North America and on February 18th, it hit The Belasco in Los Angeles for one enthralling collection of performances from the band themselves, Northlane, Alpha Wolf, and Kingdom of Giants. The well-rounded tour bill drew an enthusiastic crowd that packed The Belasco early on, signaling what was set to be an electrifying headlining performance.

Last year's The Hell We Create stood tall as a comprehensive experience we explored in conversation with frontman Ryan Kirby, and as the anthemic title track kicked their set off, it's clear as to why the record has been celebrated as well as it has.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Kirby's commanding presence carried the performance forward with every scream and clean vocal line reverberating throughout the venue. The band maximized every inch of the stage and showcased the high mark that is The Hell We Create with aplomb. Reaper, End (The Other Side), and Falling Through The Sky were among the most notable of the new bunch with fans along the barricade singing along to every word. The profound lyricism invested in the album was visible on the faces of Kirby and guitarist/vocalist Daniel Gailey, each of which excelled in their delivery.

Beyond it being a celebration of the band's latest, the performance was a celebration of the band's contemporary strengths with hits from The Path (2020) and Dark Skies (2018) making a welcome appearance. Ryan O'Leary fed off the roaring applause and twirled his bass as Gailey stepped forward onto a platform and riffed away. God of Fire, Backbreaker, and more created a frenzy among the already fervent attendees, speaking to the grip that Fit For A King's discography has on listeners.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

As The Hell We Create Tour continues to level venues, let it be known that Fit For A King are their strongest yet. From beginning to the end, the band remain as triumphant as ever with an exquisite song selection and elite performing ability worth basking in.

Enjoy a Fit For A King photo gallery below and get tickets to upcoming shows.


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