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Flying Higher and Higher: TURNSTILE at the Hollywood Palladium

As communal an experience as one could have at anywhere.

Photograph by Dutch Doscher

Photos by Dutch Doscher (@dutchdoscher) at the

Hollywood Palladium on November 3, 2022:

We've said it before and we'll say it again: TURNSTILE are the band of the moment. Since the release of 2021's GLOW ON, it has been nothing but an upward trajectory towards their continued growth, earning network TV spots on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and NPR’s Tiny Desk series among other accolades. Despite said opportunities, TURNSTILE never compromise on the character that has provided a home to millions of listeners across the world and their live show continues to build community. From beginning to end, night one of two consecutive LA shows electrified, as we're sure has been the case throughout their ongoing North American trek.

No elaborate stage theatrics were needed here, just instruments and an unbridled energy that was beautifully felt as the lights went dim just prior to their set's start.

Photograph by Dutch Doscher

Whitney Houston's legendary I Wanna Dance With Somebody preps the crowd and HOLIDAY rips right into the crowd, proving to be a great opener. Frontman Brendan Yates rises high and TURNSTILE light the Palladium up with bombast, moving bodies and welcoming crowd surfers throughout.

All music is dance music and Pat Mccrory and Franz Lyons feed off of the roaring crowd, jumping and parading on the stage that they've already made theirs from the beginning.

Photograph by Dutch Doscher

Hits from GLOW ON rage on, including FLY AGAIN, DON'T PLAY, and BLACKOUT, the likes of which showcased an enthusiastic Daniel Fang drum performance that set the pace for the show. A moving sea of attendees laughed, cheered, and smiled along to the occasion, creating a heartfelt environment that spoke volumes of the band's power. Time & Space (2018) also got some shine as the band played through Big Smile & Moon among others.

Photograph by Dutch Doscher

TURNSTILE could host a residency in LA and every night would be as full as the last for what the band deliver is truly a special feat. Whether it be in a smaller club venue or a larger amphitheater, they bring their all and an excited crowd will always follow. That night at the Hollywood Palladium was no exception.

Enjoy a wonderful photo gallery of TURNSTILE below and head HERE for dates/tickets.


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