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Foals at the Hollywood Palladium: An Effervescent Night

The British rock outfit filled LA with radiance as part of their ongoing North American trek.

Photograph by Diana Lungu

Text, Photographs by Diana Lungu (@rreedduuxx) at the

Hollywood Palladium on November 16, 2022:

With the release of new album, Life Is Yours (Warner Music UK), Foals set a high mark in their celebrated discography, the likes of which has grown new wings throughout the band's string of statewide shows. The band's boundless approach to composition unfolds new layers listen after listen with synth laden textures and vibrant guitar work leading the way for frontman Yannis Philippakis' commanding vocal presence. A week ago today, they brought the ethereal bliss of the record to the Hollywood Palladium, which met the band with open arms and buzzing enthusiasm that we had the opportunity to document.

The vivid trio of light beams that spread behind the ensemble were a core fixture through the night's festivities, changing colors from track to track and adding a new dimension to the band's atmospheric hymns. That much was true from the opening melodies of Wake Me Up.

Photograph by Diana Lungu

More than the show being a showcase of the band's contemporary strengths, Foals delivered a career-spanning feat of gems from 2008 debut Antidotes to Holy Fire (2013), Total Life Forever (2010), and more. One can say it was an act of reflection to look back and play through past efforts that the band has evidently grown from in the decade since their inception.

Photograph by Diana Lungu

Each member fed off of the roaring applause as they made use of every inch on that Palladium stage, swaying their heads, screaming along the hit of the snare, and just expressively performing through standouts like Olympic Airways, 2am, Spanish Sahara, and the fan favorite, Mountain at My Gates.

Philippakis jumped into the crowd, creating a communal moment where many gathered around him and basked in his craft as the rest of Foals held their own.

Photograph by Diana Lungu

Let the above photograph represent the cheer that was strongly felt throughout the Palladium that evening, a cheer ever so infectious and heartfelt that even non-Foals listening attendees couldn't resist but smile, clap, and sing in unison. With spirits high, Foals serenated the night away and left an electrifying crowd with a wonderful occasion to reminisce on for days and weeks to come. See the Foals tour for yourself as it continues through mid-December.

Enjoy a photo gallery of the performance below and dive into Life Is Yours afterwards.


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