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Frail Body announce new album 'Artificial Bouquet' + share lead single

Adorned by a profound Jacob Bannon cover to indulge in.

frail body, deathwish inc.
Photograph by Angel Tumalan

On March 29th, Illinois-based Frail Body will hit hard with a release of their new record, Artificial Bouquet, via Deathwish, Inc. The contrasting connotations within its album title illustrate a record embracing its duality, and Frail Body put forth themes of nihilism, existentialism and hopelessness within their moving instrumentation. Visually, Jacob Bannon's (Converge) artistic tendencies put a vivid face to a record bridging all ends of post-hardcore, black metal, and screamo musical tendencies.

Frail Body's Lowell Shaffer (vocals, guitars) comments:

“’Refrain’ is about how insignificant life can feel at the very end. The juxtaposition of a rich and complex life ending in a rented bed. The echos of those elements of significance and the final moments that must be ushered along with the rest of us all, also being subjected to life’s unjust experience."

Stream Refrain below and pre-order the record via Deathwish.

frail body, new album, jacob bannon.
Cover Artwork by Jacob Bannon


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