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FUIL NA SEANCHOILLE announces new album "The Crossing"

Beksiński makes a return.

The one-man black metal band is a phenomenon years in existence, constantly evolving with the growing thirst for artistic achievement. This is no easy feat given the amount of musical skill needed to take on the multiple different roles, but the Satyrign-led FUIL NA SEANCHOILLE seems to be doing just fine a little over a decade into existence. The Irish unit has announced the release of the forthcoming sophomore LP The Crossing, out November 14th via Me Saco Un Ojo Ojo and Tour de Garde,

From Gaelic vocals to melodramatic guitars, The Crossing is a transcendental journey through the more ambitious tunnels of black metal. It's an experience begging to be discovered, dissected, and more importantly, felt. It takes but one long 29-minute composition for FUIL NA SEANCHOILLE to achieve wonders, merging the musical embodiment of beauty and pain with complete cohesion. Rest assured, black metal is in a good place and all thanks to the likes of musicians like Satyrign who dare take the dive into the treacherous waters of metal's most malevolent subgenre.

Enjoy a preview of the release below and pre-order your cassette version HERE while Me Saco Un Ojo prepares the vinyl.

Cover art by Zdzisław Beksiński

If you're keen on the band's previous releases, the CD editions of their self-titled compilation and Hunger (2011) will also be arriving on November 14th alongside a limited cassette with a cover of songs from THE CURE and DEAD CAN DANCE. More info HERE.


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