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Full Rivers of Nihil performance captured by hate5six

With saxophone included.

rivers of nihil, metal blade records, where owls know my name

Visionary concert archivist hate5six did the world a favor by capturing the mighty Rivers of Nihil performing at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, PA on October 19, 2018. The band was on their second to last stop of The Outer Ones: Global Invasion Tour Part I, which saw Revocation support their latest outing The Outer Ones along with Exhumed and Yautja.

Rivers of Nihil released Where Owls Know My Name via Metal Blade earlier this year and blew listeners away with technical death metal mastery, earning the number 1 spot on our Top 30 Metal Albums of 2018 list. The band play songs from all three of their records, opening with The Silent Life from the new record and closing with Soil & Seed from their debut record The Conscious Seed of Light.


00:00 - The Silent Life

06:43 - Monarchy

12:40 - Death is Real

18:45 - A Home

25:00 - Soil & Seed

Enjoy the performance below and support both artists by purchasing Where Owls Know My Name on sweet colored vinyl and contributing to the hate5six Patreon for more great videos such as these.


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