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FUNERAL STORM release new track 'The Origin of Utter Darkness' from upcoming debut album

Featuring a member of VARATHRON.

Upon reading that a black metal band is from Greece, you can automatically assume that you're in for something great and mystic. Today, FUNERAL STORM unleash their new track Origins of Utter Darkness from their forthcoming debut record Arcane Mysteries, out this spring via Hells Headbangers. The track features Necroabyssious of VARATHRON, who joined the band last year. Expect atmospheric black metal with Hellenic elements weaved throughout, influenced by 90's Greek black metal and the occult.

Arcane Mysteries will also feature Eskarth of Hells Headbangers labelmates Agatus, who performs solos and acoustic guitars on Martyr of the Lake. The Magus of Necromantia/Prinicipality Of Hell composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered Wandering Through The Abyss. Expect some awe-inspiring cover art by Markus Vesper (Denial of God, Manilla Road, Attic).

While we wait for a release date, cover art, tracklisting, and more, you can stream the new track The Origin of Utter Darkness below.


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