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FUOCO FATUO announce new album 'Obsidian Katabasis' + share audio sample

Come face to face with hell in sonic form.


With Abomination Hammer at the helm for twisted visuals, Italy's FUOCO FATUO ready their next incarnation, Obsidian Katabasis. Arriving on April 2nd via the always eclectic Profound Lore Records, Obsidian Katabasis delivers towering death doom from the depths, utilizing every second to disorient and punish with cataclysmic crashes. FUOCO FATUO have upped the ante on their craft, harnessing from the Disembowelment-like soundscapes of years past and pushing forth with infernal excellence. With a mastering job by the death doom intellectual that is Greg Chandler (Esoteric), there's no question as to why Obsidian Katabasis is as crushing it is.

For now, get a taste of Obsidian Katabasis below and stay tuned for pre-orders.

Cover art by Abomination Hammer


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