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Gaawk present a shapeshifting beast with 'Meaningless' EP

A promising first showing from a Richmond trio formed out of pandemic boredom.

Cover Art by Nicholas Crider


If any good came out of the periods of isolation caused by the ongoing pandemic, it's that artists tapped into themselves in ways they perhaps may have not been able to do so during the fast-paced world that existed just prior. Others explored new talents, took on new ventures, or simply found new avenues for their creative expression. In the case of Richmond, Virginia's Gaawk, band members Nick Crider, Nathaniel Roseberry, and Keith Paul came together to take on a new beast that harnessed from their likeminded interest in Nile's deadly complexities and the aggression of Discordance Axis. With that in mind, Gaawk's hymns stray from linear conventions and employ a variety of layers from their rich set of inspiration. It all comes together on their debut EP, Meaningless, which arrives on October 1st via OSSEIN.

Fronted by a cover designed by the band's own guitarist/vocalist Nick Crider, Meaningless is but a glimpse of their sonic sensibilities, which unfold with each passing second. Opening track Dull Pain is apt in introducing the shapeshifting affair that is Meaningless. It's at first slow burning, then shortly amps up the pace, later erupting into pummeling Roseberry blasts that spike the energy tenfold, Crider wastes no time on Bleak Ritual and belts out sets of blood-curling growls while Paul sets a commanding bass tone underneath. Selfish Birth closes the show with a bit of old-school death metal riffage that further showcase the breadth lying within the newly formed band's ranks. The EP is at times grind, at times death metal, at times hardcore, and more from each passing minute to the next, setting the stage for a statement in sonic variety.

Stay tuned for audio samples to arrive soon and pre-order your copy HERE as you wait.


Gaawk (2021) Band Logo


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