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GAEREA announce new album 'Limbo'

The Portuguese unit return for their towering label debut.


As we always say, with great art comes great music and today's announcement of GAEREA's new album Limbo is a complete multi-sensory experience. Fronted by the work of renowned artist Eliran Kantor and set to arrive on July 24th via Season of Mist, Limbo stands as a follow up to the band's 2018 debut Unsettling Whispers. Though GAEREA have only been around for close for 4 years, their musical prowess says otherwise, as their take on black metal is northing short of extravagant with lead single Null to prove for it.

Null sports MGŁA-like drum intricacies to swarm the mind while radiant, tremolo-picked riffs propel the energy forward. Demigod Recordings (studio/recording) and Miguel Tereso (mix/master) excelled in a crisp, bombastic production that highlights each malevolent element present throughout GAEREA's fold. We may be a few months out for the release, but this is one you'll want to keep close eyes on.

GAEREA comment on the single:

"'NULL' exploits the unnatural vision of the undying martyrs. These are different souls from another time. The power of being a living creature and not just a random programmed soul who is constantly being dragged into the false Sunlight. 'Suicide is part of your life' was never about them, but us as its the only threat worth dying for. I am not from this world."

Stream Null below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE via Season of Mist.

Cover art by Eliran Kantor


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