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Gaerea set the 'World Ablaze' with massive new single

The masked black metal enigma accompany the track with a tantalizing visual by Grupa 13 (PL).

gaerea new music, gaerea world ablaze, black metal.
Photograph by © Flávio Almeida

Portugal's Gaerea have carved their own path in the black metal underground, never compromising on their craft and prioritizing their creative ambitions above all else, and rightfully so. 2022's Mirage was a high mark, and to continue their culminating momentum, the band now share World Ablaze — an expansive new track that never ceases to unfold with new sonic layers. It's a rewarding listen with an intentional use of melody and aggression to build an atmosphere reflecting its themes of duality.

The band comment on the track:

"'World Ablaze' tells the story of a man who has lived all his life inside a cage, knowing that one day, he'd be set free to experience the world with its true colors. Unfortunately, he also knows that day will be his last hours alive."

Experience World Ablaze below.

gaerea new music, gaerea world ablaze, black metal.
"World Ablaze" (2024) Single Artwork


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