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New black metal entity GARDSGHASTR announce "Slit Throat Requiem," new track streaming

Grandiose black metal achieved through celestial measures.

Prolific forces from black metal units Bekëth Nexëhmü and Chaos Moon have come together to form GARDSGHASTR, a powerful new entity that will unleash their debut album Slit Throat Requiem via Profound Lore Records on April 26, 2019. The effort is a monument of epic proportions, fusing symphony with the majestic qualities of 90's Norwegian black metal.

Our first taste of Slit Throat Requiem comes at the expense of the battering first single Of Crimson Eyes, which cements the quintet's excellence with a sonic bombardment of orchestra, keyboards, and pummeling guitar work.

“Invocation of darkness, both in human and spiritual forms, that intertwines various dimensions. It summons the old ages and mysticism of centuries past, while acting as a harbinger for humanity’s consequential end. The disdain of empty souls thus being conquered by adversarial revenge, on earth and beyond. Destruction exceeding comprehension coalesces with the forthcoming diabolical rule. The end times, Ragnarok, the Apocalypse; our despondent sermon of “Slit Through Requiem.”


Glömd – lead vocals

Swartadaupuz – guitars, bass, backing vox

Esoterica – guitars, bass, and keyboards

S. Blackburn – guitars, bass, and keyboards

J. Blackburn – drums

Track listing for Slit Throat Requiem:

1. Promethean Flame

2. Of Crimson Eyes

3. Slit Throat Requiem

4. Journey Through Stagnant Time and Misery

5. Beasts of Horn and Wing

6. Diabolical Reverence

7. Unfurl the Profane Wisdom

8. Outro

Stream Of Crimson Eyes below and enjoy the majestic cover art that accompanies this celestial black metal composition.


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