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GATEKEEPER release title track video from new 'Grey Maiden' EP

The truest of metal.

Canadian heavy metallers GATEKEEPER have their headbanging Grey Maiden EP on it's way. The band have shared the video for the lead single (and title track) from the effort, which is set to release on February 22nd via Cruz Del Sur Music. If intricate fret work and pummeling riffs are your thing, then you've come to the right place.

Grey Maiden features two new tracks, a cover, and a re-recorded single from their first demo. The band are following up on their acclaimed debut East Of Sun. Founder and guitarist Geoff Blackwell comments:

"We've been working harder and faster than ever since all of this started happening. If there's one thing I've learned from spending the past ten-plus years in bands, it's that momentum is your greatest resource and you've gotta pour gasoline on the little fires that pop up in your career."

Enjoy the video and cover art for Grey Maiden below and get yourself a copy from our friends over at Cruz Del Sur.


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