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Ghost Atlas share moving double single 'Seeker (Stretch The Night)' + 'In The House Of Leaves'

The ERRA frontman shares new audio samples for the solo project's forthcoming LP.

ghost atlas new music, ghost atlas, erra.
Photograph by Bryan Kirk

On January 26th, Ghost Atlas' Dust Of The Human Shape will hit shelves via UNFD and band mastermind Jesse Cash (ERRA) has now shared a duo of emotionally ridden tracks, Seeker (Strech The Night & In The House Of Leaves. The latter takes a driving approach to its intentional use of melody while Seeker is stripped down to a melancholic number that soon expands into a full band performance.

Cash comments on the tracks:

"'Seeker (Stretch the Night)' is arranged in a way that is less conventional structurally, and more of foundation to tell a story. It started with the opening chord progression having been originally written on guitar in DADGAD open tuning. I was playing around with the idea of transferring the chords to piano and liked the idea of having the song just be those chords for the entire duration. I felt that the chord progression was interesting enough and having it continue altering slightly for several bars left a lot of room for vocal variation to prevent the flow from becoming stagnant. I liked that my only means of keeping a sense of dynamic throughout was to rely upon the production layering and fluctuating intensity in the vocals. The song is constantly weaving in and out of tension and release until the end when it finally opens up into a full band performance."

Stream both tracks below and pre-order the album via UNFD.

ghost atlas new music, ghost atlas, erra.
Cover Artwork by Charli Aldrighi


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