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GOATKRAFT announce debut album, release first track 'Spell of Black Pestilence'

Hailing from northern Norway.

Many have written thought pieces, analysis, and probably even an academic thesis on the history of Norwegian black metal. Let's add another band to the Norwegian arsenal because GOATKFRAFT are now set to release their debut full length Sulphurous Northern Bestiality on March 22nd, 2019 via Iron Bonehead Productions. This black metal trio do right by their predecessors and deliver torment, pain, and suffering through instrumental mediums. This is barbaric black metal done right, leaving charred remains in paths last walked on.

Tracklisting for Sulphurous Northern Bestiality: 1. Yawns from the Abyss 2. Hordes of Damnation 3. Goatkrafts Command 4. The Oath 5. Bestial Desecration 6. Imperial Hate 7. Spell of Black Pestilence 8. Invocation to the Lord of Huracanes 9. Blasphemous Sulphur Oppression 10. Deathblade of Plague and Torment 11. Volcanic Orthodox Necromancy

Enjoy the diabolically good cover art below and stream Spell of Black Pestilence on Soundcloud now, if you dare.


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