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GOLD SPIRE announce 'self-titled' debut album + share animated video

For those who love a sweet saxophone melody in their progressive death metal.


Two years since first forming in Uppsala, Sweden, Gold Spire now shine a light on their self-titled outing, setting the standard high with a debut that extends past the binding chains of genre confines. Brothers Erik and Påhl Sundström bridge jazz, progressive rock, and death metal in one enthralling maelstrom of sound that comes adorned by the artistic talents of Påhl Sundström himself. Lead single Headless Snake provides a glimpse of the slow burning experience that awaits with an animated video of alternating imagery that sways listeners as much as it does empower them with blood-curling growls. It all arrives on November 5th via Chaos Records,

Guitarist Påhl Sundström comments:

"We wanted to not only push the envelope for the death metal genre but also to expand our own understanding of how different musical experiences and preconceptions can be merged to create a cohesive common ground. The main focal point here is not genre, or individual performances, or instrumentation – those are just vehicles – but rather the overall theme and narrative."

Stream Headless Snake below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


gold spire
Cover Art By Påhl Sundström

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