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GRAVE PLEASURES announce new album 'Plagueboys' + share lead single

The Finnish post-punk unit follow-up 'Motherblood' (2017) with grandeur.

Photograph by Tekla Vály

On April 21st, goth laden post-punk earns another gem with Grave Pleasures releasing Plagueboys via Century Media. The band, which rose from the ashes of the celebrated Beastmilk, has reached a compositional high point with Plagueboys, tapping into yesteryear to develop hymns reflecting the greatness of music across the decades. New single, Society of Spectres, speaks to that with a slow burning affair that excels in its dark atmospheres and guitar interplay. It's a track worth revisiting time and time again for it unfolds with new layers after each passing listen.

Guitarist Juho Vanhanen comments:

"This song walks down a dark and crooked path that transcends into a nightmarish blood disco layer. That's the place where all the ghouls gather to celebrate the downfall and feed on the masses."

Stream Society of Spectres below and pre-order Plagueboys.

Cover Artwork by Tekla Vály


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