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GRAVES premier new record 'Liturgia da Blasfemia,' full stream available

Portuguese black metal fury.

GRAVES join the list of exceptional releases set to arrive this Friday, February 1st with their death ridden black metal debut Liturgia da Blasfemia. The effort, which is being released by Iron Bonehead Productions, is now available to stream in full via Bandcamp for those that can't afford to wait another day.

The band's debut follows their Unholy Desecration demo, one characterized for its grim qualities and relenting aggressiveness. GRAVES rises from the underground and sets forth a nine-track composition of riffs and breakneck speed in a rude and crude manner.

Tracklisting for Liturgia da Blasfemia: 1. Do demiurge..Ultraje de viver 2. I am Fire I am Death 3. Sangrando em Golgota  4. Sangrando em Golgota... parte 2  5. Impregnado p` la Foice  6. Do teu Ventre a Maldade saiu  7. Minha Alma imolei em Golgota 8. Graves Hold Your Name 9. Via Dolorosa até Golgota

Enjoy the blasphemic cover art below and stream the record in full via Bandcamp.


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