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GREEN LUNG announce new album 'Black Harvest' + share lead single

The much awaited sequel to their 2019 debut is now unveiled and comes packing a punch.

green lung
Photograph by Andy Ford

Few bring together doom, classic rock, psychedelic metal, and folk as well as GREEN LUNG do, as evident on the astounding Woodland Rites (2019). It's the type of sonic variety you crave when the release weeks appear to be a blur given the unique twist the band brings to the maelstrom of a world that is metal. The band now announce their sophomore full-length, Black Harvest, to be released on June 25th via Svart Records.

Like the predecessor, Black Harvest comes adorned by the art of Richard Wells, a master of stained glass depictions. It's the apt visual pairing for an occult driven beast of electrifying proportions. Leaders of the Blind accompanied the new album announcement and kickstarts the release cycle in thrilling fashion through an organ solo to die for. Consider it a year-ender to keep on the radar.

Frontman Tom Templar comments:

‘After reissuing Woodland Rites we were beset by thee plague and the cancellation of our tour schedule. But these events gave us the chance to hide away like hermits in the middle of nowhere and create the definitive soundtrack to the folk horror film in our heads. We are grateful to all our fans for their patience, and we can’t wait to finally bring these songs to life onstage later this year.’

Stream Leaders of the Blind below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

green lung
Cover art by Richard Wells


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