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HARUL VINAY shares mesmerizing single 'A Beginning (Mountain Home)'

A moving instrumental that guides listeners through a land untouched by civilization.


Beneath the vibrant beauty and symbolism of Vasantaghara's cover painting lies a hymn just as inviting, one that comes by way of Indian fingerstyle guitarist HARUL VINAY. This hymn, titled A Beginning (Mountain Home), is but one component of the world that VINAY has concocted as a narrative of his admiration for grandiose nature, atavism, and pastoral life. A Beginning serves as an introduction to a story that speaks in melody rather than words, letting its charm flow through listeners as they envision a world unparalleled to the one we reside in now. It's a ceremonial escape worth exploring, even if only for a near 9 minute duration.

Stream A Beginning (Mountain Home) below and stay tuned for more HARUL VINAY.


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