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HEAVY TEMPLE announce new album 'Lupi Amoris' + share electrifying lead single

Making their riff-driven full-length debut as one should with Reisfar visuals to die for.

heavy temple alex reisfar
Cover art by Alex Reisfar

With Philadelphia riding behind them, the glorious HEAVY TEMPLE light up the stoner doom ranks and present their debut record, Lupi Amoris, complete with a wonderfully morbid Alex Reisfar cover at the helm. Arriving on June 18th via Magnetic Eye Records, Lupi Amoris draws from Angela Carter's The Company of Wolves, which switches the narrative of the Little Red Riding Hood we all know and love into a tale that draws caution to the dangers of lust and desire. Take this thematic concept and add a pairing of glorious vocal performances that energize anyone who listens and you have yourself a strong contender for the year-end lists.

HEAVY TEMPLE frontwoman High Priestess Nighthawk comments on the track:

“This is the second of a pairing of songs, the first of which is written from a different perspective. It's essentially a call and response between the two songs, a game of cat and mouse. Or wolf and maiden, if you will. This collection of songs is about meeting and subsequently falling in love with someone, so it seems appropriate to have both sides of the story. I wrote "The Maiden" first, and the idea for complimentary lyrics came to me one day when I was listening to, oddly enough, 'Indian Love Call' by Slim Whitman. There's no yodeling, maybe on the next record.”

Stream The Maiden below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Photograph by Gene Smirnov


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