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HEILUNG introduce "Traust" from forthcoming record "Futha"

A transcendental and healing walk through the forest.

The term heavy, as related to music, can stray from it's predetermined notion of pummeling blast beats and chugging guitars in more ways that one. Folk ensemble HEILUNG offer an alternative to said expectation with compositions that heal through a mixture of grand soundscapes and tradition. In anticipation of their highly-anticipated third album Fultha (out June 28 via Season of Mist), HEILUNG have offered Traust as the next listening sample.

Those lucky enough to bask in HEILUNG's Roadburn 2019 performance can testify to the breathtaking atmospheres the group is capable of walking one through, and even more so on the forthcoming Fultha. The empowering and lyrically heavy Traust is a testament to their multilayered sonic approach, which garners inspiration from the Northern European iron age and Viking periods. This soothing yet intense delivery is spread across nearly 10-minutes and is but one sample of the power Fultha will cement upon listeners.

HEILUNG had the following to say of the single:

"'Traust' is probably Heilung's most positive song so far. Dominated by female voices it starts out with, what is called 'Leysigaldr' in old Icelandic, a blessing to release a tied warrior. Heilung performs that blessing actively on stage during the song. It continues with nine blessings, taken from the old Icelandic poem 'Grogaldr.' Here, luck in battle, good words in speeches, and yet another blessing of release are summoned. The choir sings a younger Icelandic protection spell."

Stream Traust below and pre-order your copy of Futha HERE.


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