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HELL release 'Nuumen' from upcoming split with PRIMITIVE MAN

Some of the heaviest stuff you'll hear all year.

Multi-instrumentalist and doom visionary MSW has teamed up with the devastating PRIMITIVE MAN under the HELL moniker for one of the heaviest splits in years. Seriously, our review goes more in depth as to why, but this is one you'll need to have on rotation. The effort is out on February 22, 2019 via Translation Loss Records.

HELL's contribution Nuumen is now available to stream via CVLT Nation. This ten-minute behemoth is doom of the highest order, garnering every demon in the underworld and unleashing them through the sonic medium.

HELL frontman MSW shares:

"The lyrics are about the everyday struggle of crippling anxiety and depression, but not to fear it. Embrace it and use it to your advantage until it subsides, if at all."

Physical copies of the split are now completely sold out (we warned you), but you can stream PRIMITIVE MAN's Oily Tears now on Bandcamp.

Cover art by Ethan McCarthy (Cool Ghoul)


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