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Hellenic death metal fury by way of new entity SHADOWMASS

A debut from worth the deepest depths of Greek hell.

From ROTTING CHRIST to VARATHRON and NECROMANTIA, Greece has introduced the world to some of the darkest iterations of metal that have paved the way for bands to come, including SHADOWMASS, who harness the riffage of past greats on their impending self-titled debut. Having recently signed to French label Soman Records, the unit sets December 1st as the release date, though the band have offered a full album stream in advance.

With Khaos Diktator at the forefront of artistic duties, this composition offers malevolence from the get go. Opening track Exitium comes guns blazing from the start, offering brutal drum work by Maelstrom. It is here that one is introduced to the killer guitar/bass duo of Syrakos and Constantine, who's bass lines and solo work shine throughout the album. This is a fine slab of infernal metal to close the year with.

Stream this self-titled debut in full below and pre-order your physical copy HERE.

Cover art by Khaos Diktator Design


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