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HEXVESSEL embrace self-determination on 'Demian'

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Hailing from the group's forthcoming opus.


The vivid intricacies of artist Richey Beckett meet Thomas Hooper's masterful pen and ink work on the cover for HEXVESSEL's Kindred, perfectly representing the group's richly layered compositions. The band's fifth album, which is out on April 17th, 2020 via Svart Records, finds HEXVESSEL tapping into human subconscious through psychedelic folk-rock, radiating with dynamic song craft.

Given his musical experience with BEASTMILK, THE DEATHTRIP, Dødheimsgard, CARPENTER BRUT, and more, HEXVESSEL founder Mat McNerney is no stranger to the wonders of musical experimentation. The 10-track Kindred is a journey exploring the melancholy of blues with KING CRIMSON-like progressiveness. The band's lead single Demian offers but a taste of the soul searching composition that is to come.

Frontman McNerney comments of the single:

"Demian is in a sense the true message in everything we do with Hexvessel. It’s about finding the sense of holiness within and discovering the magic in the universe, which is within us all. It’s about breaking on through to the other side.”

Stream Demian below and stay tuned for pre-order information.

Cover art by Thomas Hooper and Richey Beckett


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