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HOODED MENACE enters studio for new 2021 album

The reign of death doom looks to bleed over into the new year.

Photograph by Mikko Saastamoinen

Finnish death doom holds a special place in metal's rich history. Comprised of the likes of THERGOTHON, SKEPTICISM, UNHOLY, and more, the country's subgenre offerings are nothing short of elite, paving the way for bands like the powerful HOODED MENACE, the likes who are now set to enter the studio come November. The forthcoming sixth full-length, which will be mixed and mastered by King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque, will arrive by way of Season of Mist, who are gearing up for another strong year.

HOODED MENACE guitarist Lasse Pyykkö comments:

"We´re excited to announce that we’re entering the studio in November to record our sixth full-length album! As usual, we’re recording in various locations, but when comes to the drums, we chose to go to SF Sound Studio in Kontiolahti, Finland again, where we have tracked drums for our previous albums 'Effigies of Evil' and the latest 'Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed.' Being longtime, massive King Diamond fans, we´re beyond thrilled to have King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque handling the mixing and mastering of the album at his Sonic Train Studios in Sweden! Stay tuned, stay doomed!”

While we wait, revisit the cavernous world of 2018's Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed and stream the record in full below:

Cover art by Adam Burke


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