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Spirituality & Distortion In The Flesh: Igorrr in Los Angeles

A maelstrom of sound washed over The Regent, tantalizing a crowd enraptured by the exquisite light show.

igorrr, spirituality and distortion, igorrr tour
Photograph by Raymond Camacho

Text, Photos by Raymond Camacho (@punk_monk_ray) and Ekaterina Gorbacheva ( at The Regent on October 12, 2023:

Beneath the moving prowess of lighting director Nico Berno shined Igorrr — a tantalizing collective spearheaded by a boundless Gautier Serre. On the warm Los Angeles night of October 12, The Regent became a battleground of sound as the group's North American Tour alongside Melt-Banana & Otto Von Schirach hit the downtown area. With a wealth of material under their belt, Igorrr had much in store for the many in attendance.

Though one could slap on a variety of genre tags and categorizations to the French ensemble, Igorrr strive within the unconventional and their live show serves as an extension of the Baroque, electronic-laden songcraft they excel at.

igorrr, spirituality and distortion, igorrr tour
Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

It was as much of a visual feast as it was a musical one as the members rip roared through black metal riffs adorned in face paint beneath flickering strobe lights. The art of Førtifem, who illustrated the band's 2020 release, Spirituality And Distortion, loomed over us all while a collision of soaring vocals, tantalizing trip hop, and more exhilarated the crowd. Igorrr were nothing short of enchanting from the moment Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano hit the decks, further cementing Gautier Serre's musical being among the most distinctive acts on the live market. To fully capture the special occasion, we bring you two extensive photo galleries to dive through.

Igorrr (through the lens of Raymond Camacho)

Igorrr (through the lens of Ekaterina Gorbacheva)


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