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IMMINENCE share captivating Pavel Trebukhin-directed video for 'Heaven In Hiding'

The band's celestial atmospheres are brought to life, taking your breath away.

Photograph by Oscar Dziedziela

Surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals dedicated to immaculate execution is required for a band looking to take a comprehensive approach that expands upon their music. With the talented director Pavel Trebukhin, artist Jakob Koc, and award-winning producer Henrik Udd (Architects, At The Gates) among their team, IMMINENCE excel in masterful fashion and Heaven In Hiding stems as a result. Trebukhin took the track's power deep inside the ice cold landscapes of Latvia and concocted one cinematic work of art. Eddie Berg's graceful violin melodies find the ideal pairing in Trebukhin's melancholic tones while the track's closing explosion turns into an exorcism. We're merely at the start of IMMINENCE's rise to festival headlining status, a feat not commonly achieved, and Heaven In Hiding steers the band in the right course.

Guitarist Harald Barrett comments:

"'Temptation' was undoubtedly the biggest production we ever worked on. We want to show that we're able to deliver the same quality and creativity, yet do something completely different. 'Heaven in Hiding' is now yours."

Experience Heaven In Hiding below or in your platform of choice HERE.

Cover art by Jakob Koc


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