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IMMORTAL announce new album 'War Against All'

The band's 10th studio album is now complete and adorned by the art of Mattias Frisk.

Photograph Courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

Norway's revered black metal entity Immortal is set to release a brand new album via Nuclear Blast Records in 2023, the Mattias Frisk-illustrated War Against Stall. Standing at 8 tracks signature to the band's original style, founder Demonaz promises an uncompromising listen of razor sharp riffs and epic melody.

He comments:

"IMMORTAL continues the style that was established and defined on our very first records. It's fast, furious, epic, and mighty Blashyrkh metal - the one and only way!

Even though the studio work is necessary to get an ultimate recording, the writing process is obviously my favorite. I still write all the guitar riffs/music at home with the same old vibe, and the lyrics as well. The early days of black metal inspire me the most. Cold nights in the woods, on the mountains under the winter moon. That's what keep the spirit alive, and the foundation of all our music."

Stay tuned for more from War Against All.

black metal, immortal
Cover Artwork by Mattias Frisk

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