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INEXORUM announce Brooks Wilson-illustrated new album 'Moonlit Navigation'

Captivating listeners via a wondrous black metal performance.

Photograph by Samuel Thomas Claeys

Few are those who excel on both the visual and musical endeavors of music to the likes of Brooks Wilson, frontman of the mighty CRYPT SERMON. Aside from being one of the top metal vocalists of today, his paintings also resemble the high standard and encapsulate lyrical themes with precision. There's no question as to why INEXORUM have enlisted Wilson's work for their towering new effort Moonlit Navigation.

Set to arrive on June 26th, 2020 via Gilead Media, Moonlit Navigation presents itself as the duo's strongest release to date. What frontman Carl Skildum and Matthew Kirkwold have put together here is nothing short of extraordinary, blending the serenity of melody with the force of black and death metal to great success. Skildum comments on the release:

“For Inexorum, a foundational source of inspiration is the melodic intersection between black and death metal that developed when both of those scenes were pretty young. The early/mid-90s No Fashion and Necropolis rosters of Sacramentum, Dawn, Unanimated, and Mörk Gryning were inspiring to me back then and remain exciting now.” Skildum on the lyrical content for the record:

“In so many ways we are fumbling in the dark, but even there we can find elements of beauty. The title track represents that nocturnal journey to moments of clarity and calm, framed in reverence for the beauty of our natural world. The overarching theme is personal transitions through hardship towards some degree of recovery."

“My hope is that if anyone were to take anything out of the lyrics it is a recognition of their own strength and ability to persist despite whatever external or internal resistance they may be facing.”

Stream the title track below and be sure to pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Brooks Wilson


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