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Inhume deliver death grind classics on 'Exhume: 25 Years of Decomposition'

A heavy collection worth having.

There is no shortage of bloody good releases from Xenokorp, who consistently put out exceptional material from heavy bands across the world. Their latest offering is none other than the gem Exhume: 25 Years of Decomposition by death grind trailblazers Inhume. The release celebrates the band's 25th anniversary and collects of all of their demos and splits, tribute tracks and previously unreleased material.

The dutch band first formed 25 years ago as a nine-piece and have released brutal and disturbing compositions release after release, proving that they're here for blood despite going through various lineup changes.

In addition to celebrating the band's quarter of a century history, Exhume: 25 Years of Decomposition collects of all of their demos, splits (with BLOOD, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, S.M.E.S., SUPPOSITORY and MUMAKIL) and tribute tracks. The collection also includes previously unreleased pre-production material from the band’s last full-length Moulding the Deformed and three rare live tracks from 1997.

Exhume was compiled and remastered at CONKRETE Studio (DEFEATED SANITY, MERCYLESS, PUTRID OFFAL) and is fronted by a re-worked version of The Missing Limb (1997) demo and a booklet full of detailed liner notes, classic pictures, flyers, and more, making it a worthwhile addition to fans of the dutch death grind legends.


1. Tiamat

2. Forbidden Hunger

3. Fucking Shit

4. The Missing Limb

5. Tumorhead

6. Squirming Parasites

7. Inescapable Destiny

8. Invisible Death

9. Hate/Kill Just for Fun

10. Meatcleaver

11. Blood Sperm Shit

12. Gargling Guts

13. Airplane Crash

14. Human Fucking Guinea Pig

15. Cadaverous Abortion

16. Dead Man Walking

17. Destructive Impulse

18. Schizophrenic Pulp

19. Trapped in Darkness

20. Genital Cancer

21. Bowel Movement

22. Process to Decelerate

23. Fucking Shit (Dutch Assault Version)

24. Virus

25. Moulding the Deformed

26. Acid Bath

27. Virus (Pre-Production Version)

28. Moulding the Deformed (Pre-Production Version)

29. Cure for LIfe

30. Zombie Grinder

31. Prophet

32. Tiamat (Pre-Production Version)

33. Invisible Death (Live)

34. Corporation Pull-in/Airplane Crash (Live)

Stream the collection in full below and pickup the nearly sold out limited edition DigiPak CD, t-shirts, hoodies, and other merch via Xenokorp.


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