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INSANITY ALERT partner with artist James Callahan and Koloss Skateboards for a new Skate Deck

Thrash or die.


Thrash punk unit INSANITY ALERT have brought together the mighty James Callahan of Barf Comics and Koloss Skateboards for the Shredator skateboard deck, a kick-ass skater depiction of The Predator with a vibrant orange background. Callahan, who illustrated INSANITY ALERT's Moshburger (2016) LP, is no stranger to the band's creativity, of which is accurately reflected in this must own piece of art. In addition to the sweet new skate deck, INSANITY ALERT share their electric new single Shredator as the perfect soundtrack to put the new gear into action.


"The world is a shitty place right now, full of misery, diseases, facists, hipsters, and longboarders. But there is hope. The saviour of justice and reason is about to come. So bow down to the promising super hero of our time. Beware of THE SHREDATOR."

Stream Shredator below and pickup your skate deck HERE via Black Heaven Shop.



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