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INTRCPTR (Pelican, 5ive) fire on all cylinders with new record 'II'

A brilliant pairing of talented musicians.

Photograph by Chad Kelco

The dynamic INTRCPTR duo of Ben Carr (5ive) and Larry Herweg (Pelican) has delivered a composition nothing short of compelling with II. The sophomore release is out now via Pax Aeternum, the newly-launched imprint of Dark Operative that is focused on upcoming artists. .

Dynamic qualities and an invigorating musicianship display on the record prove that the brilliant pairing of Carr and Herweg is indeed successful. II, which consists of two electrifying tracks, was recorded, engineered, mastered, and mixed by Gabe Van at Akira Audio and Slowdive’s Simon Scott at SPS Mastering.

Larry Herweg tells Decibel Magazine:

“II is a tighter, more confident, more refined version of what we were doing on our debut, I. On I we were still figuring out what kind of band we wanted to be and getting used to playing with each other. We spent a lot more time focusing on the songs for II. These tracks are more dialed and locked in. Tracked live as full takes with just one additional guitar track layer, gives the listener the same experience as hearing us play live."

He explains to Revolver Magazine:

“On the first track, ‘Dusted,’ you hear the band firing on all cylinders and driving full speed ahead. Where as in ‘D.I.W.I.W.Y.L,’ you hear the band pull back and sit in a nice mid-tempo groove, allowing Ben's riffs to breathe a little more."

Stream II in it's entirety now on Bandcamp.

Cover photograph by Andrew Weiss


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