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Italy's BLAZE OF SORROW present 'Notturna' from forthcoming full length

Black metal's reign through the underground continues.


Another week, another moment to report that Eisenwald strikes yet again with another quality composition set to arrive under the stacked label banner. This time, the quality hails via BLAZE OF SORROW, who's 6th album Absentia arrives April 24th for worldwide consumption. Now 13 years into their career, the Italian quartet exemplify growth with a black metal composition that swarms the senses with a melancholic assault. Dreary atmospheres, blood-curling screams, and transcendental guitar melodies encompass this 7-track outing, making it one to guarantee a refreshing listening experience.

BLAZE OF SORROW on their inspiration for Absentia:

"Day, Night, Darkness, Light. With music, we try to reach the highest peak of our feelings playing what we we're supposed to play. Our notes are captured from sadness, nature’s beauty, water, fire, earth and wind. Let the shades embrace you thoughts, let the abyss caress your soul. We’re what we are: a fire’s breath in the infinity of the Sun."

Stream lead single Notturna below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Erbograph


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