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Ithaca — The “Y'all Fear Us” Tour hits Los Angeles

The Heaviest of Art crew were on hand at the UK band's recent mid-week show at LA’s 1720; here’s a re-cap of what went down.

ithaca, they fear us, uk metalcore
Photograph by Bryan Greenberg

Words by Rohan (@ManVsPlaylist), Photos by Bryan Greenberg (@bdgstills):

London's Ithaca are on the victory lap for last year's acclaimed release of They Fear Us (Hassle Records) as they bring the album to North American stages, including 1720 in Los Angeles.

The night kicked off early, and life events kept us from catching openers Lions Amongst Wolves. For the brief part of He Films The Clouds that we caught, they brought a trudging blend of off-kilter metalcore that features a solid low end chug, that blends into some nice dreamy / clean passages. The diversity of the sound we heard in just a brief snippet is something we’ll be on the lookout for in future dates to take in the whole experience.

Up next was local noise arsonists Auteur. Right from the get go, these guys sounded tight and fully locked in. Their style features an interesting blend of intricate, angular riffs, challenging time signatures and on-point breakdowns, and on this occasion their live sound was thick, punishing and well-balanced. The focal point for their live show is towering frontman Scott, who seemed to cover every inch of the stage during the set, lurching and lunging his way to reach deep into his inner wells to deliver an intense range of screams and wails.

auteur band, 1720, prog, post hardcore
Photograph by Bryan Greenberg

Material for the evening’s set came mostly from their 2021 release, Before & After, showcasing both the band’s heavier, manic side as well as a glimpse into some slower, cleaner passages. For a relatively new band on the scene, these guys impressed us with their energy, and the overall gut-punch in their sound. No conventional metalcore tropes or stylistic typecasts are present at all, just a barrage of force and potency. The crowd that had gathered by this point were all well absorbed and approving. To both the eye and the ear, the band’s keep-you-guessing rhythm patterns, vocal intensity & live show drew parallels to heavyweights These Arms Are Snakes. For a young act with distinct and fresh sound, we look forward to seeing them more live and for others getting the chance to be exposed to their intensity.

Auteur Photo Gallery

Closing out the evening was headliners Ithaca. The Londoners have had a pretty intense past year, seeing the release of their latest album, the fantastic (and deservedly lauded) They Fear Us, plus a slew of recent festival appearances, including the prestigious European mainstays Roskilde, ArcTanGent, and Brutal Assault, as well as Louder than Life and Aftershock festivals State-side as part of the current tour package. This is all necessary context to say that the band arrived in Los Angeles as well-oiled, highly conditioned rock machine. And from the opening bars of In the Way, the lead-off cut from their latest record, it was clear that all these reps had absolutely paid off.

ithaca, they fear us, uk metalcore
Photograph by Bryan Greenberg

Since the first time we heard the band on 2019’s The Language of Injury, we’d been looking forward to seeing the band in person. The live sound delivered all the intricacies and depths of their recorded material and then some, which was especially articulated on the raging The Future Says Thank You. Hearing vocalist Djamila hit a full range of passioned screams and soaring melodic cleans was a sonic treat, and blew us away with both power and clarity. Not only does Djamila's physical presence command the stage, the vocalist's vocal dexterity left everybody riveted. Ithaca commanded the room as a complete, cohesive unit, with each member of the band roaming the stage, and blasting their way through a powerful, concise set. The night fittingly closed out with the title track They Fear Us, leaving their deep groove and punishing imprint on all those who made it out. Definitely a live act not to be missed.

Ithaca Photo Gallery


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