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JACK AND THE DULL BOY share new single 'Video Drugs'

The prog-rock duo offer a thrill ahead of this week's new album release.

Seattle's Jack and the Dull Boy are days away from their exhilarating debut, A Failure In Three Parts, an effort rooted in the thriving camaraderie of musicians Aaron Nicholes and Devon Summers. Their partnership spans nearly two decades and on November 19th, it takes new form through an upbeat collision of hard rock and prog that harkens back at the golden era of the 80s. The arrival of synth laden new single Video Drugs is the ideal entry point for anyone keen on what to expect come this Friday. Nicholes and Summers bounce off one another's energy seamlessly and the end result is a refreshing listen worth narrating your next nighttime drive through the city. Dive in and count down the days for A Failure In Three Parts.


Stream Video Drugs below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


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