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KAMPFAR share monstrous new single 'Lausdans Under Stjernene'

Marked by a Böcklin great in anticipation of the unannounced full-length.

kampfar black metal norwegian
Photograph by Carl Eek

As death looks upon and plays you like a fiddle, Norway's Kampfar return and release Lausdans Under Stjernene as a ripping taste of what comes next from the black metal titans. Indie Recordings will be responsible for the unnamed record but until more news comes out way, Lausdans Under Stjernene holds us over with a slow-burning offering of increasing aggression. It's musically sound and visually too as it sports the revered Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle (1872) painting by the great Arnold Böcklin.

Stream Lausdans Under Stjernene below or in your platform of choice HERE.

Arnold Böcklin kampfar
"Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle" (1872) by Arnold Böcklin


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