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Kanonenfieber announce new album 'Die Urkatastrophe' + share lead single

Stories of World War I through a moving black and death metal narration.

Kanonenfieber, new Kanonenfieber
Photographer by Stephanie Rifkin

On September 20th, Germany's Kanonenfieber will release their new album Die Urkatastrophe — expanding further upon a purpose to educate and raise awareness against the glorification of war through black and death metal, and the art of Daniel Bechthold. Lead single Menschenmühle excels on that front, delivering a hard-hitting listen while shining a light on untold stories. Like its predecessor, Kanonenfieber ready a "must-listen" experience.

Kanonenfieber mastermind Noise comments on the new single and album:

"The First World War accelerated the path to modernity and is considered the 'Die Urkatastrophe' (= 'primal catastrophe') of the 20th century, which was characterized by wars, violence and displacement. Around 17 million people, soldiers and civilians lost their lives, large parts of Europe were destroyed and unresolved problems were left behind, which led to further violent conflicts. This album is dedicated to the victims of the First World War, so they are not forgotten. May their fates be a warning for all following generations even after more than 100 years."

Stream Menschenmühle below or in your platform of choice.

Kanonenfieber, new Kanonenfieber
Single Cover Artwork by Daniel Bechthold


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