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KATHRYN MOHR announces new EP 'Holly' + shares lead single

A profound composition guided by lost items on the shore of the San Francisco Bay.

the flenser, ambient
Photograph by Madeline Johnston

Continuing as one of the most unique labels of today, The Flenser has announced the release of Kathryn Mohr's Holly — a 7-track EP recorded in New Mexico amidst a tranquil desert and Madeline Johnston (Midwife) production. It's a serene listen that brings together moving ambient textures and field recordings for complete immersion.

Mohr comments on the release:

“The desert stripped me down. The desert quieted the thoughts in my mind, replaced them with roadrunners and wind storms. I felt a sense of perspective that was somehow connected to the expansiveness of the land. I felt far away and therefore safe.”

Stream Stranger below and pre-order the EP HERE.

the flenser, ambient
'Holly' (2022)


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