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KHEMMIS share mesmerizing cover of 'Down In A Hole'

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Doing right by the grunge icons in reimagining their hymn.

Cover art by Adam Burke

It's damn near impossible to replicate the impact that ALICE IN CHAIN's Dirt (1992) had, but it's sure as hell possible to pay homage to it all with a noteworthy twist from some of the strongest bands of today. Among those bands is Denver's KHEMMIS, who share their soulful rendition of Down In A Hole, adding new layers of doom depth to a track renowned to many. The band's cover is part of the upcoming Dirt [Redux] covers album by way of Magnetic Eye Records on September 18th, which features new takes on the legendary composition.

KHEMMIS guitarist/singer Ben Hutcherson comments:

"I've loved this band since I discovered grunge and hard rock in my early teens. When we were presented with the opportunity to cover my favorite song from one of my favorite bands, I checked a pretty big item off of my bucket list. It's an honor to take such a powerful piece of music and reimagine it through the creative lens of this band. We knew we wanted to stay true to parts of the song, particularly the chorus, but that we also needed to make it our own. Alice in Chains has long been one of the most important bands in my life. Though they're (understandably) associated with the Seattle grunge scene, their music carries visceral heft that, for me, wasn't present for the other bands of that music world. 'Dirt' was, and remains, a landmark album of bleakness paired with incredible songwriting, and 'Down in a Hole' Was one of the first songs I learned to play on my dad's old Takamine acoustic guitar back in '98 or '99. The fact that a song like that works as well, if not better, on an acoustic guitar as on a distorted electric guitar is a testament to the power of what those four guys created together."

Dirt (Redux) tracklist:

01. THOU - Them Bones

02. LOW FLYING HAWKS - Dam That River

03. HIGH PRIEST - Rain When I Die

04. KHEMMIS - Down in a Hole

05. THESE BEASTS - Sickman

06. HOWLING GIANT - Rooster

07. FORMING THE VOID - Junkhead

08. SOMNURI - Dirt


10. BLACK ELECTRIC - Iron Gland

11. - (16) - Hate to Feel

12. VOKONIS - Angry Chair

13. THE OTOLITH - Would?

Stream Down in a Hole below and pre-order your copy of the release HERE.



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