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KICKER release two-song EP to raise funds for flood victims in Northern California

Do your duty and support.

Oakland punks KICKER have put together the Russian River Relief Fund EP to help victims of the massive flood that occurred last week in the Guerneville region of Northern California. All proceeds of this release will go to the North Bay Disaster Relief Fundraiser and to any other river related fundraisers once their goal has been met.

KICKER comments:

As many of you have probably seen on the news, there was a huge flood last week in the Guerneville region of Northern California. The Russian River rose to its highest level in twenty-four years, fifteen feet over flood stage. Roughly two-thousand homes and business were flooded/damaged, and hundreds of residents have been displaced.

Our singer Roadie and his wife Paula live less than a one-hundred yards from this river in the small town of Monte Rio. Thankfully their home was on higher ground and escaped damage. However, many of our friends and their neighbors have suffered some serious loses and damages from this flood.

We decided to release a benefit, pay-as-you-want downloadable EP with hopes of raising some money to help those affected by the flood. In keeping with the spirit of this region, this EP features a revised version of the track 'Monte Rio' from our brand-new LP Pure Drivel. This version is a different mix from the record and for the first time in KICKER history, has curse-free (censored) lyrics that can be played on the radio, prompted by our favorite local DJ Jesse Luscious at the almighty KALX in Berkeley. Included with this EP is an unreleased track from our last session entitled 'Shit Box' which obviously is not radio friendly.

Purchase the EP on Bandcamp and spread the news far and wide.

Russian River Relief Fund EP Track Listing:

1. Monte Rio (radio friendly edit)

2. Shit Box (unreleased, non-radio friendly)


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