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L.S. DUNES — The Year's Most Pleasant Surprise

The epitome of friends getting together to start a band and having the time of their lives.

Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Text, Photos by Joshua Alvarez (@joshua.jam3s) at

Fingerprints Records and The Troubadour:

What do you get when you cross Thursday, Circa Survive, My Chemical Romance, and Coheed and Cambria? L.S. Dunes that is — a newfound band formed from boundless creative ambition, musical affinity, and a long term brotherhood strengthened throughout the pandemic. To celebrate the release of debut album, Past Lives, on its November 11th release day, L.S. Dunes made their way to the Fingerprints record shop in Long Beach and gave it its shine. As drummer Tucker Rule details in our interview, L.S. Dunes is a byproduct of passion and gratitude, and this record release performance was a high mark for each member's accomplished careers.

It was a chilly Friday and people lined up hours before the show to guarantee their front row spot, ensuring that they'd see the celebrated band perform inside the shop's unique intimate setting. Tucker and guitarist Travis Stever handed out album release cookies and shook hands to show their gratitude. Upon doors opening, people filled the record store for an energetic 4-song performance from the always charismatic frontman Anthony Green and friends. The band then signed everyone’s record copies and got to meet attendees, rounding out a fruitful, community experience that speaks highly of the band's attention to the fandom.

Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

The Long Beach stop was but one of the several made during the band's West Coast tour, which found them in Garden Grove, San Francisco, and finally, Los Angeles at The Troubadour.

Even though it was a Monday night, people showed up and sold out The Troubadour, and rightfully so. L.S Dunes have created a sound that combines all of the each member's sonic background into something familiar yet distinct enough to separate themselves from any of those projects. With no photo pit, The Troubadour is the perfect venue for the band, allowing full on interaction with no separation between the band and fans to create an experience that reminds you of the early days of Circa Survive.

Opening the show was the charming singer/songwriter Kayleigh Goldsworthy from Syracuse who was the calm before the storm. Who doesn’t love hilarious banter in between emotionally driven songs by a voice that is very fitting for the pop rock genre.

Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Soon after, people packed in immediately as Anthony Green took the stage, who didn't miss a beat from his expansive vocal range to his dynamic stage presence alongside electrifying instrumentation by Frank Iero and the rest of the ensemble. L.S. Dunes wore their heart on their sleeves and radiated pure joy, making it known that this was an enjoyable for them as it was for the many in attendance. Every song from the album, including fan favorites 2022, Bomb Squad, and Permanent Rebellion, made an appearance. A pit formed and the music took its hold over the crowd, everyone smiling. Kayleigh Goldsworthy joined the band for the last song of the evening, Sleep Cult, closing the evening with an ethereal passage nothing short of perfect.

Though each member's respective band affiliations can be credited for the band's immediate support, it's far from being the only thing driving the enthusiasm around Past Lives and the ongoing shows. L.S. Dunes is group of friends tapping into distinct creative ambitions and leaving it all on the line, day after day and show after show. The passion for the band at such an early stage is something that none of them expected, as Tucker outlines in our interview. Playing huge festivals from the get go and continuing to write as they tour is indication that they look to expand the L.S. Dunes identity and make their mark for the long run.

Scroll through photo galleries from The Troubador and Fingerprints and stream/purchase Past Lives as the band continue to deliver it big in the live setting.


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