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LANTLOS announces new album 'Wildhund' + shares lead single

The German multi-instrumentalist concocts an ethereal body of work worth basking in.

Photograph by S. Friesen

With the Prophecy Productions 25th Anniversary celebration still ongoing, the label has yet to take a break and fans across the world have won big with new signings, livestreams, and album announcements being unveiled day in and day out. Today, Prophecy sheds the light on a new and highly anticipated LANTLOS chapter, Wildhund.

Arriving on July 30th, Wildhund finds LANTLOS mastermind Markus Siegenhorst at his brightest, resulting in dreamlike soundscapes and atmospheres that will surely please all who have hung on since 2014's Melting Sun. Lead single Lake Fantasy came alongside an entrancing panoramic video that completes the full immersive experience, an experience that sets expectations high for a glistening full-length to come.

Markus Siegenhorst comments:

"I am incredibly excited to finally be able to share this very out of space and ethereal vision with everyone. This album is a piece of life and was at the centre of my heart and thoughts during the last 7 years. It represents a collection of memories from a very vivid, vibrant, and colourful time in my life. A manifesto of clouds, flowers, lightness, sweetness, and everything beyond I hope that you will enjoy the first single 'Lake Fantasy', which is about a party by the lake. Thank you for your patience and for still being with me!"

Stream Lake Fantasy below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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