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LIMBS announce new EP 'Coma Year' + share title track

A cathartic experience characterized by moving hymns and mesmerizing visuals.

Limbs, 2022

Post-hardcore unit Limbs now announce the release of Coma Year, a new EP that pulls from life's shortcomings as a cathartic experience for those involved in its development. The emotional depth of the subject matter is reflected compositionally and Coma Year swoons listeners with vocal melodies, profound lyricism, and melancholic instrumentation. It arrives on June 24th via UNFD and the title track is streaming now.

Frontman Austin McAuley comments:

"I have absolutely poured myself out into this EP, lyrically. It's been a form of therapy for me to write these songs and get things off my chest. I lost my father in 2015, and as much as I've been doing my best to get by over the years, as soon as the pandemic hit, it felt like I was reliving all of those feelings all over again and losing everything important to me. It amplified those feelings I'd tried to bury."

Guitarist Jordan Hunter adds:

"Even if these stories are not their experience in a literal sense, I think listeners will connect to the total honesty and vulnerability we've put on the table. These are the insecurities and traumas we face on a day-to-day basis, and we've learned that the only way you ever overcome something is by bringing it to the forefront and tackling it. And that's exactly what these lyrics do."

Stream the title track below and pre-order your copy of the EP HERE.

Cover Artwork by Amber Paredes


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