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LOATHE & SLEEP TOKEN share collaborative version of 'Is It Really You?'

A heart-wrenching new face to the band's moving gem.

Allowing your work to breathe through the eyes of someone else isn't always the easiest, especially if said work is a reflection of your emotional circumstances. Letting go is hard, however, Loathe have partnered with various artists to present their standout tracks in a new light, like Is It Really You? This moving number now comes in a stripped-down rendition courtesy of the faceless Sleep Token, who's transcendental vocals are a force of their own. With elegant piano melodies and and heart-wrenching vocals by way of Sleep Token's Vessel, Is It Really You? lives again.

Loathe comment:

"We’ve all been big fans of Sleep Token for a while now, so when the track landed in our inbox, it blew us away. Alongside the Teenage Wrist rendition, having the opportunity to hear our song through the artists own lens but also to release these alternate versions to the public to ingest and enjoy is a humbling experience."

Stream the track's new version below and stay tuned for more on Loathe.


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