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LUNAR SHADOW set forth the 'Hawk of the Hills'

Tremolo picking trad metal?

Yes, you read that right. LUNAR SHADOW have merged the sheer fret intensity of black metal with the grandiose elements of heavy metal in perfect cohesion on their latest effort The Smokeless Fires. Set to arrive on June 21, 2019 on Cruz Del Sur Music, the album finds founder Max Birbaum at his strongest.

Following multiple lineup changes and personal struggles, LUNAR SHADOW have managed to overcome and embody the triumph through the course of seven tracks that explores themes of passion and the human condition. Adam Burke's brush work is apt in fronting a record that highlights humanity at it's core, encapsulating the best that people have to offer despite our many downfalls. This is achieved through twin guitar harmonies, relentless fury, and complex song arrangements that have you taking twists and turns.

Stream the lead single Hawk of the Hills below and be ready for pre-orders.

Cover art by Adam Burke

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