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LUNAR SHADOW share new single 'Serpents Die'

The first audio sample from one of metal's early year-end contenders.


By utilizing one of Denis Forkas' dream studies as the album cover for the forthcoming Wish To Leave, Germany's LUNAR SHADOW have made great welcome for the soaring hymns that lie within, the likes of which explore themes of escapism. Arriving on March 19th via Cruz Del Sur Music, Wish To Leave departs from the black and power metal leaning tendencies of its predecessor, The Smokeless Fires (2019), and moves towards a more grandiose direction of infectious, riff-driven composition. The Max Birbaum-led unit has taken the spark lit by the debut and simply evolved into a new being, as one does with progression, paving the path towards a prominent existence in metal's flooded underground. Today's arrival of Serpents Die paves the path for the forthcoming full-length and showcases the multifaceted approach of LUNAR SHADOW's arrayed talents.

Stream Serpents Die below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Denis Forkas


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