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LVCIFYRE announce new album 'The Broken Seal'

The purveyors of the dark arts return with more audial terror.

Cover art by Daniele Valeriani

If you come across a record artistically blessed by the acclaimed Daniele Valeriani, you've more than likely struck gold. From Mayhem to Triptykon and Dark Funeral, Valeriani's work has found itself representing a hefty catalog of standout releases that have held their weight way past their release. LVCIFYRE's recently announced The Broken Seal joins that fold. Arriving on September 10th via Dark Descent Records (North America) and Norma Evangelium Diaboli (Europe), The Broken Seal is the culmination of the blackened death metal unit's triumphs over the last decade. It's dissonant and uncompromising, reflective of the themes present within this beast. As mastermind T. Kaos would describe, The Broken Seal is ‘the biggest mountain to climb so far’ in his 25 years as an active musician. True darkness awaits!

Stay tuned to this space for incoming singles from The Broken Seal. In the meantime, take 2019's Sacrament for a spin for a taste of LVCIFYRE's hell.

Lvcifyre, 2021


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