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LYCHGATE premieres lead single 'Progeny of the Singularity' from forthcoming MLP

You won't get black metal scarier than this.

Photograph by Shawn Haselgrove

For as daunting as black metal lyrics and shrieks may be, it takes a special kind of crazy to strike a sense of fearful curiosity into the listener. With Progeny of the Singularity, LYCHATE offer complete and utter terror via a convoluted collision of sounds that ease into one cohesive black metal sound. The track hails from the unit's forthcoming mini-LP (and label debut) Also sprach Futura, out March 13th via Debemur Morti Productions

Featuring artistic contributions from the great Khaos Diktator and production work/vocal contributions by Greg Chandler of ESOTERIC, Also sprach Futura sounds as good as it looks. The opening organ use adds an eerie element to the ferocity sprawling through this riff-driven composition, making for a thrilling and conceptual listen.

Stream Progeny of the Singularity below and pre-order your copy of the MLP HERE.

Cover art by Khaos Diktator Design


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