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MALAKHIM announce debut album 'Theion'

Mitchell Nolte visuals welcome this Swedish iteration of blackened death.


Three years from inception and MALAKHIM are now ready to present their first full-length offering to the world, one that goes by the name of Theion. Arriving on January 8th via Iron Bonehead Productions, Theion follows the deadly set of releases that were 2017's I and 2019's II mini-LP and ups the ante on extremity. Like the Mitchell Nolte cover it sports, Theion is a black metal beast that swarms the listener with hints of death metal scattered through for one layered listen. The crisp 3D production makes this all the more enjoyable to immerse yourself into, as evident in lead single The Splendour Of Stillborn Stars.

Stream The Splendour Of Stillborn Stars below and stay tuned for pre-order info.

Cover art by Mitchell Nolte


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